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15% OFF ALL NEW ORDERS, use code SAVE15

Aletheia & Phos Eye Of The Cosmos Necklace | Opal & Gold


The Eye Of The Cosmos Necklace takes inspiration from our creative directors Greek and Italian heritage, protecting the wearer from the ‘mati’ or ‘mallochio’, an ancient European superstition dating back to 6th century BC.  

Featuring solid Australian crystal opal from Coober Pedy, this delicate pendant guides us on our path, protecting our soul, heart and mind. Always protected on our journey.
Opal magnifies intention, passion, creativity, and balances yin and yang energy. It helps clear our emotional bodies by activating all chakras and instilling a joyous aura within.
925 sterling silver
14K gold plate
Solid AAA grade Australian crystal opal
Chain length 46cm with a shortening loop at 41cm
Pendant height 17mm including bail

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