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Aletheia & Phos Guiding Star Necklace | Solid Gold


The Guiding Star Pendant is symbolic of universal power and power in oneself. Our internal compass.

Beyond my own powers, I am seeking guidance from the universe. I am following my guiding star. I am not asking for the powers that be to act on my behalf. I am asking for a light, for a sign that I am, in fact, following the correct path. I am asking for that path to be illuminated. And my guiding light, my 8 point star, is showing me that I have the answer.

14K gold plated chain included with pendant. Adjustable to 3 lengths. 

Solid 14k gold pendant
Pendant 7mm x 7mm
1.8mm gold plated chain
50cm length adjustable to 45cm & 40cm
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