15% OFF ALL NEW ORDERS, use code SAVE15
15% OFF ALL NEW ORDERS, use code SAVE15

Aletheia & Phos Zodiac Silver Necklace, Aries


ARIES, The Gold Zodiac Necklace features a textured medallion, individually hand carved and set with ruby connecting Aries with its ruling element, FIRE. 

ELEMENT - FIRE | Aries is a cardinal Fire sign. The Fire Element represents spontaneity and creativity. Your cardinal quality makes you a dynamic, natural leader. You’re a force to be reckoned with; eager, passionate and fiery, a strategist that’s always ready to take action.

RUBY | The stone of life force, energy and passion. It stimulates the heart and root chakra attracting opportunity. Develops courage and self-expression to pursue goals. 
Solid 925 sterling silver (nickel free)
Rhodium plate 
24" / 52 + 9 cm chain length
16mm pendant
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