Moonstone Ring, Silver

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Embodying sleek and modern femininity, we anticipate this luminous ring will follow you faithfully through time. Artisan silversmiths oxidized the sterling silver beaded setting, adding contrasting smoky depth to the moonstone's ethereal silvery light.

This unique piece jewellery is created entirely by hand by skilled artisans using ancient techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Every aspect perfected, each detail considered, imparting a sense of their own culture’s history into each piece of jewellery. We are proud to help keep these heirloom processes active and bring an opportunity for you to create and add to the personal story and legacy. From blessed beginnings to a talisman uniquely your own.

Hand Made in Bali

Oxidized Sterling Silver, 

Crown Size: 1 cm x 1.2 cm

Moonstone Size: 5 mm x 7 mm

Free Shipping (Australia Wide)

Band Size 7 Only

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