Hunter & Gatherer Studs



Inspired by the intricate carvings in jewellery of civilizations past, this statement cuff is deeply dramatic! Artisan silversmiths have oxidized Sterling Silver giving it a mysterious effect before hand carving tribal patterning.

This unique piece jewellery is created entirely by hand by skilled artisans using ancient techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Every aspect perfected, each detail considered, imparting a sense of their own culture’s history into each piece of jewellery. We are proud to help keep these heirloom processes active and bring an opportunity for you to create and add to the personal story and legacy. From blessed beginnings to a talisman uniquely your own.

Hand Made in Bali

Oxidized Sterling Silver, 9 Karat Rose Gold Plating Detail

Size: 7mm Diameter

Free Shipping (Australia Wide)

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