LIBRA, The Gold Zodiac Necklace By Aletheia & Phos


LIBRA, The Gold Zodiac Necklace features a textured medallion, individually hand carved and set with diamond connecting Libra with its ruling element, AIR. 

ELEMENT - AIR | Libra is a cardinal Air sign. The Air Element is communicative, objective and highly sociable. Your cardinal quality makes you a leader and a true peacemaker. Libra is an idealist. The starry-eyed romantic of the Zodiac is a master at creating harmonious friendships and relationships.

DIAMOND | The stone of intensity, sovereignty and truth. Diamond amplifies energy, develops creativity and attracts prosperity. It activates the heart, third eye and crown chakra, helping to manifest hopes & dreams while offering spiritual protection.

Solid 925 sterling silver (nickel free)
14K gold plate 
24" / 52 + 9 cm chain length
16mm pendant
Free Shipping

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