Summer Vibes with S"well

Summer Vibes with S"well



November 15, 2017 by Martha Perdikaris
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New Year's Resolutions

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March 02, 2017 by Martha Perdikaris
Colours Of The Year 2016

Colours Of The Year 2016




Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.


Refresh your wardrobe by including this ultra-soft modal and viscose blend scarf. A soft Powder Blue shade is set with a black and white print for a stunning contrast in color. This scarf is large enough to give you endless styling options and is light enough to transcend the seasons.
Scarf by - Front Row Society
A softer take on color for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year
March 21, 2016 by Martha Perdikaris
Valentine’s Day Dinner with Friends

Valentine’s Day Dinner with Friends


Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for a group of close friends is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday without the fuss of reservations and uncomfortably crowded restaurants. We’ve enlisted the help of Pinterest for an inspired step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect Valentine’s dinner party of your choosing.

Select Your Theme


Sure, this holiday focuses heavily on romantic love, but the best part of throwing a party is that you decide its theme. Consider your anticipated guest list. Is it composed of couples, singles or perhaps a few blind dates? Build your get-together to follow suit, from a traditional candlelit tablescape to a singles anti - Valentine's alternative or a ladies only "Galentine's Day" bash.
Set The Table


Pink and red are obvious choices for a lovely and festive table setting, but feel free to use them with a range of colourful accents as you please. Black and white runners and complimentary splashes of pink add a playfull vibe to your dinner setting, while another party atmosphere may call for rose gold, crisp white linen and sequin - heavy decorations instead.
Pour Some Drinks



An occasion such as this calls for love potions, so choose one that is sure to cast just the right spell. Fizzy citrus spritzers, chocolate martinis and blush - coloured wine are all spirited options. Pretty accents like thick slices of lemon or pastel flower petals give each glass a touch of luxe.
Serve an Appetizing Display  


Settle any nerves by keeping a few appetizers on hand before the main meal. Heart-shaped hors d’oeuvres such as slices of beetroot and walnut salad, mini heart shaped potatoes and prawn cocktail arrangements will have your guests falling in love.
 The Main Course



They say that the course of true love never did run smooth, but there’s no reason your main course can’t. Creamy pasta dishes, teriyaki glazed salmon and classic pizzas all make perfect pairings with traditional fine wine.
Offer a Sweet Treat


Forget those candy hearts. No Valentine’s Day party is complete without a rich dessert, so stock up on essentials such as ripe raspberries, whipped cream and dark chocolate. Filling brownie bites and cake pops are conveniently mess-free, while chilled berry sorbet offers a refreshingly tart finish.
Lavish Your Guests With Love



Don’t forget to send your guests home feeling loved with themed party favors. A mason jar full of fresh flowers or a container of homemade lavender sugar make a thoughtful gift. of course, treating your friends to our women's jewellery (especially our women's necklaces like this Sterling Silver heart design) is always a classy touch.


Are you hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner with friends this year? If so, what’s your party theme? Pretend we’re on the guest list and give us all the details in the comments section below.
The Mikkma Team


February 09, 2016 by Martha Perdikaris

The Many Looks Of Marsala - Colour Of The Year


Marsala- a reddish clay colour - will be everywhere in 2015.
The reddish brown colour is named after a wine produced in the Italian city of Marsala in Sicily. Pantone says it’s equally appealing to both men and women, and flattering against all skin tones.
Marsala enriches our mind, body, and soul, exuding confidence and stability.






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More Than Meets The Eye



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Spring Summer 14

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Autumn Street Style

Autumn street style - Love it

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Wrap Bracelets

Mikkma metallic wrap bracelets - a girls best friend.


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Embelished Wrist/Clutch

Step out this weekend with these ultra versatile wrist/clutch combo's. Bring an effortless edge to your night out looks...

May 29, 2014 by Martha Perdikaris
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