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Our jewellery has been crafted using mixed metals, beads, semi precious stones, chain and other embellishments. You will notice inconsistencies in the colour, size and pattern of the beads which is our intention. Most of our jewellery components are put together by hand. Please take care when wearing, as our beautiful pieces are very delicate. If they are dropped, stones may fall out, embellishments may break and we cannot take responsibility for any breakages that occur through rough handling.
Please take care when using personal care items such as perfume and lotions, as some metals can react to these items which may result in the metals tarnishing, marking, and/or discoloring.

Our Mikkma scarves are made from a variety of natural and man made fibres. Due to the delicate nature of these fabrics, they are dry clean only and may incur a small amount of shrinkage. Please take care when wearing your scarf, as the delicate nature means they could pull or snag easily if caught. Some have been decorated with a variety of sequins and embellishments, therefore we cannot take responsibility for any embellishments which fall off due to catching. Pilling is normal and can be removed by using a pilling comb on a regular basis.



We recommend storing your Mikkma accessories in a protective fabric bag when not in use. Never store any your accessories in plastic as they cannot breathe. Always store your accessories in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.